July 11, 2019 End Slavery Now Opinion

Words (Still) Matter: There is (Still) No Such Thing as a "Child Prostitute"

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's arrest on human trafficking charges has brought this issue back into the spotlight. It is important to make sure that when discussing this case the media and private citizens use words respectful of what his alleged victims went through.

December 21, 2015 Cazzie Reyes Opinion

Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs

In this post, we’ll take a look at gang prevention and intervention programs: the vulnerabilities they address, methods and potential applicability to anti-human trafficking work.

October 07, 2015 Mariah Long Story

Pimping v. Trafficking - Consequences for Victims

While talking about the inner workings of a trafficking case, she brought up that it is incredibly difficult to get a trafficking conviction; so, most prosecutors will avoid it. This challenge has major implications for the victims.

July 08, 2015 Cazzie Reyes Video

Freedom for Five, Freedom for Five Hundred

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina whipped through the southern part of the United States. Most haven’t heard of the 500 Indian men exploited to work as welders and pipe fitters on the damaged oil rigs in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

March 03, 2015 Caleb Benadum Story

After Aftercare

The question really is this: how do we empower survivors to the level that they can achieve real, long-lasting success and live relatively normal lives?

September 30, 2014 John Meekins Opinion

Human Trafficking Behind Bars and Beyond.

Her trafficker told her to tell the buyers she was 18 if asked. She said she could always tell they were sexually aroused by how young she appeared. When they asked her how old she really was, she replied she was “11 years-old.”