Working with a Freedom Business in India and Moldova

August 25, 2015 Video 
Empowerment, Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor

Nicole is the founder of Polished Pearl, a luxury lifestyle brand whose profits go to the needs of vulnerable children. Their products come from two different countries, and each comes with its own needs and challenges. In the video below she explains what it is like to work in India and Moldova. Stay tuned for more on this feature with Nicole. This series includes steps for those who want to start a freedom business and advice to freedom businesses wanting to sell to large retailers.


With one of the largest trafficked populations, India has an epidemic on its hands. There is an incredible need in India, and the anti-trafficking NGOs there responded that what they need most is sustainable employment for people. Polished Pearl employs survivors of sex trafficking and helps prevent girls from being trafficked at all.


Moldova is what people call a "source country," meaning that people are trafficked out of Moldova to other areas in the world for the purpose of sex and labor exploitation. So, once someone has left the country it is almost impossible to find them. Polished Pearl aims to staunch the flow of trafficking by providing women with sustainable employment.

Topics: Empowerment, Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor

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