The Myth of Abduction

May 19, 2016 Brooke Hathaway Video 
Sex Trafficking, Awareness

We had a discussion on Facebook one year ago about the myth of abduction when it comes to how someone is trafficked. After having a discussion about trafficking with some high school students I thought it would be a good topic to bring up again. 

The stereotype has been influenced by the movie Taken, which brought awareness to the issue of sex trafficking but also left people thinking that trafficking is white women being kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder. Of course there are instances where kidnappings occur but it is far more likely that manipulation and coercion are used to enslave someone. Our Executive Director Brooke Hathaway explains below.

Topics: Sex Trafficking, Awareness

About the Author

Brooke Hathaway

Brooke previously served as the Executive Director of End Slavery Now, a project of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Follow her on Twitter at @brooke_hath