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July 29, 2015 Christy Apisa Story 
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Fight human trafficking whenever and wherever you go. One touch on your phone screen can help you avoid slave-made goods or can assist you in anonymously reporting a potential case of trafficking. Interested in other education and reporting features and tools? As Apple says, "There's an app for that."

Child Trafficking Awareness

The Child Trafficking Awareness app is released by the Ineqe Safe and Secure. Its goal is to raise awareness and inform by providing a short course about human trafficking. Each module only takes a few minutes to complete. So while you’re sitting and waiting for a meeting, appointment, or are on the train, you can educate yourself with facts on human trafficking.

Available for Apple products (free).

Download the Child Trafficking Awareness app on iTunes.

Slavery Footprint

Ever wondered if your life contributes to slavery? This app asks you a series of questions and then provides you with a “score” of how many slaves work to support your lifestyle. What is your slavery footprint?

Available for iPhone and Android (free)


Visit the Slavery Footprint website and download the app.

Or take the quiz online.


This app allows you to find out which of the products you purchase have links to human trafficking. You can use this app every time you go shopping for food, clothes, electronics and almost everything else you consume. Included is a scanner to scan product barcodes.

For example: Did you know that many chocolate companies do not annually monitor their suppliers? (And this app will tell you which ones!) This leaves them open to using cocoa harvested by child laborers. This app will provide you with the knowledge to be an informed consumer.You can even join in the cause by helping them build their database.

Available for iPhone and Android (free).

Visit the Free2Work website (with downloadable app for all supported devices).


This app is globally available and is a human trafficking mobile resource that allows you to anonymously (and safely) report cases of human trafficking in 10 languages. The reports are divided into three main levels: Victims, Traffickers and Suspicious Activity.

Information contributed on the app is received by Orphan Secure and the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Cell (AHTIC) where the information is processed, analyzed and distributed for action.

Available for Apple products (free).

Download the Freedom! app on iTunes.

Human Trafficking Toolkit

Designed to help you pursue human rights by providing definitions of trafficking, prevention tools, protection and assistance. Laws on human trafficking are also available and updated, along with information on training centers. This app is especially designed to help law enforcement, social workers and attorneys with information for dealing with human trafficking.

Available for Apple products (free).

Download the Human Trafficking Toolkit app on iTunes.

Truckers Against Trafficking

The TAT app seeks to educate, equip, empower and mobilize community members (especially those in the trucking and travel industry) to combat domestic sex trafficking. It also provides access to both call and/or email the national hotline to report potential instances of trafficking, in addition to other useful resources.

Available for Apple and Android (free).

Visit the Truckers Against Trafficking website for information and to download the app.

Or view and download the app from Google Play.

Redlight Traffic

Always anonymous, the Redlight Traffic app helps you recognize and report signs of human trafficking. The organization then anonymously shares that information with those who can help. By crowdsourcing the flow of information and giving law enforcement more tips to act on, we can make a difference. Together, we'll create a world without slavery. Change starts in the community and this App empowers the individual.

Available for Apple products (free).

Download the Redlight Traffic app on iTunes.

Engage Together

The goal of Engage Together is to provide you with a way to join the endeavor to end trafficking and make a difference today.Through this mobile app, you will have the opportunity to 1) learn more via News & Videos; 2) explore those who serve in the field via Partners; 3) be the eyes and ears of what is happening in your community via iReport; 4) support the exponential impact of this effort via Donate; and 5) join the virtual community of justice advocates via Engage.

Available for Apple and Android (free).

Download the Engage Together app on iTunes.

Or view and download from Google Play.

ALOVE Cut It Out

Salvation Army’s UK youth-centric organization, ALOVE, created this app to promote involvement in anti-trafficking efforts.

Stemming from the campaign that aims to raise awareness and take action against the issue of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, this app gives background facts, statistics, information and lists campaign actions and ideas to help people get involved.

Available for Apple products (free).

Download the Cut it Out app from iTunes.

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