Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN)

About the Organization : Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN) is a nonprofit and community based organization working on professional development, youth and women empowerment, education and livelihood promotion. YPDSN aspires to improve the living conditions of poor and marginalized peoples by adopting strategies through community initiative, participation and sensitization. It is founded in 2013 and has been working among backward communities in the interior unreached pockets in the coast of Nepal. Women self-support groups have been taken as the base for all interventions and SDGs activities enabling them to contribute towards the mainstream of development process. The social and cultural boundaries that have long distinguished childhood, youth and adulthood are rapidly changing. Children are physically developing earlier and faster, and because of social media, they have access to a virtual world outside their immediate families and communities. They are growing up in a world more culturally diverse. The period of transition from childhood to adulthood is becoming extended and more complex. The transition from education to employment reflects these complexities in particular. Traditionally, young people moved from formal education or training to work, with gender and socio-economic background being major determining factors. Today, education and work often occur simultaneously and retraining or lifelong learning is becoming a feature of adult life.


Young men and women are particularly affected by development challenges at all levels, frequently faced with disproportionately high levels of unemployment, insufficient access to education and professional training, intolerance and exclusion, among others. This is all the more importance in cities where increased urbanization has further accentuated these challenges for young people. Young professional and leader can contribute to local development and  prosperity.  Culture is a bridge between tradition and modernity. Who have the interest, energy and passion to address issues and concerns, such as heritage management, sustainable tourism, local development and community involvement. An affinity for information and  communication technologies to network and transcend geographical boundaries.  The position to act as potent agents of positive social change that will yield greater economic and social well-being in the perspective of sustainable development for generations to come.


Vision : The society where youth have equal opportunity to realize their fullest potential is to productively participate in economic, social, political, cultural and harmonious life without fear or favour.

Mission : The overall mission of YPDSN is to promote youth participation in democratic processes as well as in community and civic affairs and to ensure that youth programmes engage the youth and are youth centred.

Our Aim : Our main aim is to provide youth professional skill, development and learning opportunity for poor and excluded society generation focus to strengthen them. We plan to achieve our aim by developing, testing and delivering evidence-based, feasible and cost-effective interventions related to professional and social development with greater involvement of youth programme, and communities. We support the government initiatives aimed at poverty reduction in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and targets.


Strategic and functional areas  

Youth Empowerment

  • Provides equal opportunities for youth to productively participate in all processes of national development.
  • Enables the youth to realize their full potential.
  • Reflects youth issues in all relevant policies and policy documents.

Education and training

  • Accessibility to affordable and quality formal and non-formal education and carrier counselling for youth ensured.
  • Grant special priority to the youths who want to take vocational training and skill-oriented education.
  • Equip the youth with relevant skills for the labour market.

Employment Creation

  • Actively promote youth employment at national, provincial, district and constituency levels.
  • Reduce the level of unemployment among the youth by 10 percent annually.
  • Increase the involvement of youth in the main economic growth sectors, e.g. construction, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and ICT.


  • To promote and support  youth friendly programmes aimed at responsible sexual behaviour.
  • To establish youth health clubs for creating an easy environment to have discussion on youth health and to conduct coeval education programs.
  • To make arrangements for the availability of a youth health expert on demand from such clubs.
  • To implement awareness programs and provide information about matters like healthy environment for healthy life, healthy food and life style for healthy life, procreative health.
  • To launch awareness programs for protecting adolescent boys and girls against sexual violence likely to occur against them at work place.


  • Promote active participation of the youth in the protection of their environment.
  • Increase innovation in environmental management.

Youth and Media

  • Improve access to information for the youth
  • Enhance employment opportunities for the youth in the media sector

Arts and Culture

  • Facilitate the promotion of local arts and culture among the youth.
  • Ensure the protection of local arts and culture.
  • Enhance the contribution of arts and culture to the national economy.

Sport and Recreation

  • Ensure accessibility to sporting and recreational facilities in communities and villages.
  • Enhance social responsibility of the youth through the use of sports.
  • Promote traditional games for tourism promotion and as a means of culture preservation.
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  • Kathmandu, Province No. 3 44600
  • Nepal
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  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Domestic Servitude, Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Child Labor, Forced Marriage