Streams in the Desert

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Streams in the Desert is a ministry project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where we seek to empower Mongolian women who have rescued from sex trafficking. All of the people in our project have some history of abuse, whether it is sexual, physical, emotional or a combination of several of these. Once rescued, the women are given a place to stay, food to eat, counseling, and they learn a trade skill such as jewelry making and/or sewing. They then sell their products so that they can live a self-sufficient lifestyle for themselves and their families. We show them that there are alternatives to their current lifestyles and through Christ their hurts can be healed.

One of the many ways to help our ministry project is to expose us to as many individuals as possible. One of the ways we do this, is by selling some of the handmade pieces in fair trade shops, church shops, and special events. We are in need of partners who are willing to also help sell these women's products and partner with us through volunteering and advocacy

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  • 11501 Plantside Drive, Louisville
  • , Kentucky 40243
  • United States
  • Active In: Mongolia, United States
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  • Tel: 615-419-0889