Solidaritas Perempuan (Women's Solidarity for Human Rights)


And build the strength of women all over Indonesia. Establish cooperation with the women's movement worldwide. Fight for and defend against women, especially marginalized and oppressed class. Promote, defend and raise awareness of respect for human rights with a focus on women. Fight for the change of values, attitudes and behavior which is a manifestation of the ideology of patriarchy. Fight for feminist values ​​into the various legal systems and policies. Perform a variety of other efforts are legitimate and not contrary to the principles and objectives of the union.


Realizing the democratic social order, based on the principles of justice, ecological awareness, respect pluralism and non-violence based on the system the relationship of men and women are equal, both of which can share access to and control over natural resources, social, cultural, economic and political justice.

  • Contact Information:
  • Jl. Siaga II RT.002 RW.005 No.36 Pasar Minggu Kel. Pejaten Barat
  • Jakarta Selatan,
  • Indonesia
  • Active In: Indonesia
  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Awareness, Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Forced Labor