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In 2010, Second Life of Chattanooga co-founded the Chattanooga Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT). CCAHT is a partnership of individuals, social service agencies, non-profit organizations, law-enforcement and justice-system representatives, mental heath professionals, educators, and government leaders who together leverage their collective resources in order to successfully combat trafficking in Greater Chattanooga.

Second Life works diligently with local media—including print, Internet, radio, and television—to share our message throughout the region. In addition, Second Life began receiving national exposure in early 2012 when both National Public Radio and USA Today ran stories highlighting Second Life’s anti-trafficking efforts.

Today, Second Life of Chattanooga is working to build on the many relationships we have established in order to see the elimination of trafficking in Greater Chattanooga and Southeast Tennessee.

Second Life desires to have a recovery center that offers comprehensive victim services in place by 2015. This makes funding during 2014 crucial to making the recovery center a reality.


Second Life of Chattanooga creates awareness that drives action through collaborative relationships with like-minded organizations and individuals in order to end human sex trafficking in Greater Chattanooga/Southeast Tennessee.

  • Contact Information:
  • Chatanooga, Tennessee 37341
  • United States
  • Active In: United States
  • Forms of Abolition: 
  • Awareness, Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery: 
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Tel: 423-994-4857