Redemption Ridge

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes


Redemption Ridge is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to young girls rescued from the horrendous world of sex trafficking. We are committed to redeeming lives, restoring dignity and placing purpose in the hearts of these precious children.

Efforts are underway to establish a home; a safe house that will provide freedom and security in an undisclosed location so perpetrators cannot find the girls. Our goal is to provide a home where healing, restoration, and spiritual redemption can occur in a safe and healthy environment.

Opportunity will be given for each girl to develop a Plan of Redemption (POR). This plan will address her emotional, physical, educational and spiritual needs. Our desire is to offer a successful pathway to independent, self-sufficient living for the young women at Redemption Ridge.

Redemption Ridge will offer an array of activities specifically designed to nurture the mind and body in a healthy, therapeutic way. These include equine therapy, art, music and dance classes, gardening, physical fitness and educational courses of special interest.


"Redemption Ridge exists to provide healing and restoration to female victims of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in a safe and loving family environment in order to redeem their identity and give them hope and a future."

  • Contact Information:
  • 711 Medford Center #264
  • Medford, Oregon 97504
  • United States
  • Active In: United States
  • Forms of Abolition: 
  • Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery: 
  • Sex Trafficking, Child Labor