Peace Promise


In 2007, a Dateline/NBC special on sex trafficking aired and our Founder Emeritus, Lindsey Flanagan, was powerfully moved. She spent the next year praying and working to open the eyes of those close to her. Our church small group embraced this call with Lindsey and the PEACE Promise was born. Since then, we have spent hundreds of hours praying for God Almighty to move. We have been given the opportunity to speak to groups and have facilitated larger awareness events in our area. We visit the local truck stops in the middle of the night to pray and have seen God move in those prayers. In 2011, we sent a small team to Pattaya, Thailand to meet with anti-trafficking organizations and to bless them financially. We participate in the Human Trafficking Response Team (HTRT) locally. While we haven’t come from a background of sex-trafficking, many of us share various forms of sexual abuse and sexual brokenness in our personal stories. The love and grace of Jesus Christ and a journey of healing has restored purity and hope to us and we believe the same is available for those who right now have no hope. The founders of PEACE Promise have all been trained in Formational Prayer at Ashland Theological Seminary and have worked in the ministry of bringing healing to others.


First and foremost, we are a prayer movement. We believe that we partner with God in prayer to impact the world. We are called to increase awareness about the horrors of human sex trafficking in the general population. We are engaging in this battle at the local level through the Human Trafficking Response Team and organized prayer. In the future, we see restoration in the form of a safe house and prevention in the form of community outreach and education. Where we can, we raise funds for other anti-trafficking groups and link arms and shields in the battle.

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