Love Justice International

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

  • History: Love Justice International began in 2004 with the opening of a children’s home in South Asia. This began their journey opening additional homes for orphans over the next several years. Through this work, the founders encountered the problem of human trafficking and decided to launch an anti-trafficking program called Transit Monitoring. Since then, their anti-trafficking work has grown to 11 countries and counting and they’ve protected our 16,000 lives from being trafficked into potential slavery. They have also built a high quality school that serves many of the children in their children’s homes, as well as other orphaned and abandoned children. 
  • Mission: We proclaim the love of Jesus Christ by fighting the greatest injustices in the world and working toward bringing relief to those living under their oppression--especially orphans, street children, and victims of human trafficking.  
  • Vision: 
    • LJI Global Impact to Date as of December 2018:
    • Total Interceptions: 15,241 
    • Total LJI Arrests: 336
    • Total Countries 11 
    • We intend to continue down this path of impactful expansion. Since we first articulated a 5-Year Directional Statement in 2015 (aiming to pilot transit monitoring in 10 countries by 2020) and began building out the structures for effective expansion, we’ve outpaced our own “high aiming” goals and had to upwardly revise our directional statement three times. We now aim to operate transit monitoring in 20 countries by 2020. We are blessed with an amazing team of nearly 300 staff and volunteer committee members in 11 countries throughout the world who work tirelessly and make constant sacrifices to serve Christ in the least of these. But none of our work would be possible without the generous sacrifices of our donor base.
  • Contact Information:
  • P.O. Box 67195, Lincoln
  • , Nebraska 68506
  • United States
  • Active In: United States, Africa, Asia
  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Forms of Slavery: