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iSanctuary founder, Stephanie Pollaro, had never heard of human trafficking when she read an article about sexual slavery in India (Asia's largest sex trade market). The issue weighed heavy on her heart, and one year later, she was selling everything she owned and heading to India. 

She soon realized that there was little to no success of rehabilitation for rescued girls. They would run away, wind up dead or get re-trafficked. Collaborating with a local rescue agency, Stephanie presented the idea of a social enterprise, generating income for survivors. 

Stephanie began working with rescued girls in aftercare homes in 2007, teaching them the skill of jewelry making. The jewelry was then sent to the U.S. where it was sold by co-founder Wendy Dailey. The proceeds gave the girls income, medical assistance, education, counseling and life skills training. The girls loved learning how to make the different pieces, and interest in the program grew. A center was created in Mumbai to accommodate all of the survivors. 

In 2010, iSanctuary began employing young women in Orange County and created the POST (Professional Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking) program. Today, iSanctuary has served over 300 girls and women, from all ethnicities and backgrounds. iSanctuary has been the vital piece between rescue and reintegration, ensuring survivors have a stable, healthy and bright future. 


To empower young women and girls rescued from commercial sexual exploitation. By providing meaningful employment through International Sanctuary's social enterprise, Purpose Jewelry, girls are able to support themselves and obtain job training and experience. Through iSanctuary's wide range of holistic care services, young women can begin to heal and grow in mind, body and soul. It is iSanctuary's mission to not just sustain victims of modern-day slavery, but to provide the tools and life skills they need to embrace their true identity and worth, and transform into survivors with true freedom. 


iSanctuary will create 10 new sanctuaries worldwide where girls and women are transform into survivors. To learn more, please visit:

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  • Empowerment
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Sex Trafficking, Child Labor
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