Global Sentry Group


Jeffrey S. Blom, Founder and President, started Global Sentry Group for one purpose: to build an organization that will target those who oppress and enslave others through trafficking and sexual predation.

GSG is a group of professionals working together to combat this scourge on humanity. They are consistently developing a sound methodology for evaluating, measuring and mapping the prevalence of sex trafficking in a project area and are implementing proven strategies for attacking the problem of human trafficking.

GSG is working on creating an intelligence fusion center for global human trafficking interventions. This will be the largest repository of information in existence. The information will be gleaned from human trafficking victims and perpetrators. By developing strategic partnerships with global stakeholders, GSG will collect this information, processing and analyzing it to generate actionable intelligence so law enforcement and GSG case managers can more effectively target the traffickers.


To reduce the demand for trafficked persons by targeting those who are exploiting them

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