Global Center for Women and Justice

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GCWJ was founded in 2003, and is a Christian-based, non-profit organization housed within Vanguard University of Southern California. We focus much of our efforts on anti-human trafficking prevention and education and related topics. Our efforts include interdisciplinary studies programs, integrated research, victim-survivor advocacy and education on issues impacting vulnerable and at-risk populations.
GCWJ is dedicated to educating and training students and professionals locally and globally on collaborative strategies to prevent and counter human trafficking, equitably address immigration and migrant challenges, advocate for victims and promote human rights.


The Global Center for Women and Justice equips students to address the global status of women and vulnerable populations through collaborative and restorative justice principles.


As an academic center, GCWJ is committed to developing educational resources to promote best practice and data-driven decision making and serving our community as a clearinghouse for information on women’s issues in a multidisciplinary approach.

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