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When we came to México, we had no idea about the problem of Modern Day Slavery or its complexities. We were surprised to find out the number of children who were being trafficked every year. The statistics pressed heavy on our heart. We knew we were witnessing one of the greatest tragedies of our generation. We realized that healing we experienced from the pain and abuse we experienced in our childhood could be used as a platform to show justice and love. We were moved to respond to this tragedy and take action.

That is why we began the work of El Pozo de Vida AC, in Mexico in 2010 and became a nonprofit in the United States in 2011. 

Benny y Janice Yu.


El Pozo de Vida fights against human trafficking through prevention, intervention, and restoration of children, families, and communities; for them to be free, healthy, and build a life project. 


In 2021 El Pozo de Vida aims:

  • To be a recognized and expert organization in the areas in which it works. And to transform the commercial system, demand and justice in human trafficking.
  • To be established as an economically stable organization.
  • To have a healthy and trained team.
  • For our survivors to attain a higher level of education, have a defined and implemented life project.
  • For our survivors to be emotionally stable, physically healthy and make assertive decisions.
  • For the families and communities to be conscious of the damage that can be done within human trafficking and for them to not discriminate nor revictimize the survivors.
  • To influence the way Mexico’s justice system functions and that it fairly judges traffickers and consumers of human trafficking. 
  • That the system will fight for the victims and their reintegration.
  • That there will be a change in the perception of society that the fault is not of the victims and that women are not seen as sexual objects. 
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