Dalit Samrakshyan Aviyan Manch (DSAM)


With the Freedom Fund, Dalit Samrakshyan Aviyan Manch (DSAM) will form eight community groups of bonded labor families so that they can analyze their current circumstances, plan advocacy activities and so the groups can serve as support structures to prevent ongoing exploitation. These groups will then become a focus for joint savings and credit activities, and to access citizenship rights and government services. To reduce the high dropout rates of children, tutoring classes will be provided and child clubs will be formed in order to promote children’s rights. The program will work with local youth from families in bonded labor to exert legal pressure on landlords in order to promote sustainable liberation. These youth will also act against violence against women. DSAM will organize meetings with local government to discuss the challenges faced by communities in bonded labor and enable access to local level planning and development. Advocacy activities will be conducted to increase the wages of agricultural laborers.

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