Council on Crime and Justice


Since 1957, the Council on Crime and Justice has tackled pressing and complex issues in Minnesota’s criminal justice system. We forge relationships with key partners in the community, in business, and in government in order to: Eliminate racial disparities within the criminal justice system, Identify, address, and reduce the collateral consequences of a criminal record, Advocate for strong individual and systemic responses to victims of crime with a focus on those least likely to have their needs met.The Council on Crime and Justice is a private, non-profit agency that has been a leader in the field of criminal and social justice for over 56 years. The Council provides an independent voice for a balanced approach to criminal justice. It has also been at the forefront of many new programs in such areas as offender services, alternative sanctions, victim's rights, and restorative justice.A dedicated Board of Directors with expertise in law, public policy, social service, and issues related to social and criminal justice lends critical support to the efforts of our staff and is fully engaged in the mission of our organization.


We seek a criminal justice system that is equitable and just, treats people with compassion and dignity, and allows for second chances, creating a safe and thriving community. We ground our work in direct advocacy, inform it with rigorous research and evaluation, power it with legal expertise, and implement it by bringing the community together.

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  • Policy Making, Prosecution
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  • Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor
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