Community Rural Development Society - Nepal


Community Rural Development Society - Nepal (CRDS - Nepal), founded in 1992, is a consortium of 11 members. The early focus was on improving infrastructure in remote areas and supporting agriculture extension activities. Today, its programs are wide ranging and promote equitable and sustainable livelihood in rural areas of Nepal. The programs include improving people’s access to food, health, education, economic opportunities, natural resources and safe environment; promoting governance, peace and disaster risk reduction; and strengthening the ability of the poor and marginalized to exercise their rights and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. These projects prepare non-governmental organizations in Nepal to advocate for land rights for haruwa-charuwa families. This preparedness will help address a root cause of their vulnerability to debt bondage. 


To facilitate the empowerment of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded people to fulfill their basic needs and achieve social justice


A prosperous, peaceful and harmonious society in which poor, vulnerable and socially excluded people live in dignity, and their rights are fulfilled

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  • Awareness, Policy Making, Empowerment
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  • Bonded Labor