Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH)

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CASH was created by Sacramento Police officers, former sex workers, professors, Oak Park residents and a business district in response to an increase in prostitution activity and the futile cycle of arrests, re-arrests and imprisonment. A needs assessment identified a “safe and non-judgmental” space where women could receive support, referrals, food, and basic health care assistance. As a result, Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH) was created in 2008.

Today, CASH provides services at our Drop In Center and information to the community about the serious causes and consequences of commercial sexual exploitation. Central to the mission of CASH is the philosophy of peer-based, harm reduction mentoring. Peer mentors, many who are former sex industry workers, inspire hope by doing street-level outreach and providing non-judgmental support to women. To hear from one of our Peer Mentors, Click Here.

Looking forward, we plan to continue to expand our hours to serve women in need, grow our prevention program, and educate law enforcment and the public about demand centered strategies that work to reduce the prevalence of prostitution in our communties.


Our mission is to assist women that have been commercially sexually exploited through survivor-led peer support and harm reduction services, while providing education about the harm inflicted on women and the community.

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  • 1512 Broadway
  • Sacramento, California 95816
  • United States
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  • Forms of Abolition:
  • Aftercare
  • Forms of Slavery:
  • Sex Trafficking