Anti-Trafficking International (ATI)

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The reality of human trafficking is all too familiar to our founder, Bill Woolf. While working as a human trafficking detective, Bill was called to a hotel in the middle of the night when officers discovered a 17-year-old girl named Emily, a trafficking victim. As Bill began his interview, he learned that Emily had been trafficked for three years, since the age of 14. He also learned that during those three years, Emily had been surrounded by counselors, school administrators, parents, and even court professionals—who all knew something was wrong because of her dropping grades, increased behavioral problems, lack of attendance, and later substance abuse. Bill asked Emily, “How was it possible that for three years you were surrounded by these professionals and no one ever identified you as a victim of human trafficking?” Her answer would change the course of Bill’s life forever. Emily looked at Bill and said, “No one ever asked.” She went on to explain, “If someone had taken the time to just ask what was going on, I would have told, but everyone was too busy pointing the finger at me for everything going wrong. I didn’t feel like anyone would understand. I didn’t feel like anyone cared or could help.” From there, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Just Ask Prevention was launched; it later become ATI. 

From that point forward, Bill committed his life to one purpose: To figure out how to prevent this tragedy from ever happening to another person. Unfortunately, Emily’s case was not an isolated event. Thousands of people every year are lured into trafficking and exploitation—many coming from communities just like yours.

Students, parents, and professionals need the necessary tools and resources to safeguard themselves, their communities, and loved ones. This is what ATI provides to stop human trafficking before it starts.

Mission Statement

We have uniquely targeted programs that provide a proven approach to defeating the scourge of human trafficking. Each of ATI’s initiatives equips members of the community in the fight against human trafficking through focused resources developed by survivors as well as experts who have firsthand experience working on the issue.

Vision Statement

Everyone plays a role in helping to end human trafficking. We serve youth, parents, and those on the frontlines of combatting human trafficking by partnering with you at the community level to eliminate the threat.

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