Amirah, Inc. (DBA Amirah New England)

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Amirah was founded in 2009 by a group of individuals in New England seeking to join the anti-sex trafficking movement. Through connections with law enforcement, the group decided to meet the greatest need survivors of trafficking had in New England: aftercare recovery. When victims escape the cycle of exploitation, they face an unknown future, often limited by the crimes committed against them and the trauma-induced challenges they experience. 

At Amirah, we are helping survivors of trafficking get their lives back. In 2009, Amirah was founded and became the first safe home and long term recovery program in all of New England. Today, we are the largest aftercare organization in New England and have become a national leader in the field of survivor aftercare.

Our mission is to provide a refuge for those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope.

We operate the only Homeland Security recognized Tier 3 safe home for female survivors of sex trafficking in New England. Our long-term recovery program is a leader in the field of trauma recovery from sex trafficking with a success rate that is twice the national average at 57%. 

Outside of our safe home, we partner with local shelters, community centers, and prisons to host early stage identification and recovery groups for victims led by mentor survivors of sex trafficking.  

We also provide consulting and training services to medical and health care professionals in trauma-informed care, as well as activist groups interested in starting a safe home in their area.

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