This week, the week of October 12th 2018, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported on the plight of a father of five. This story, Does slavery await father of five from Lockland fighting deportation back to Mauritania, outlines the challenges facing Amadou Sow, his family, and his legal team. It also introduces readers to the realities of enslavement in Mauritania, a country in northwest Africa where up to 20% of the population works for no pay under frequently brutal conditions.

In response, the executive director of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, along with one of our board members, drafted an opinion piece which was also published in the Enquirer. Opinion: No person deserves enslavement challenges us and encourages us to learn more. As stated in the first line of the piece, "we all have a role in ending slavery." Given that two more men in the Cincinnati area are facing deportation back to Mauritania, this challenge is all the more relevant.

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Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Domestic Servitude, Forced Labor