Tolerance involves understanding other people and other cultures. In an era characterized by extremism and violence tolerance reminds us of the importance of seeing our fellow humans as worthy of love and respect. In essence, tolerance involves embracing the very qualities necessary to fight modern day enslavement.

The "Unfreedoms" which serve as the root causes of enslavement in the present day - Racism, Illiteracy, Genocide, Hunger, and Tyranny - depend on seeing society's most vulnerable as commodities rather than fellow humans. The conflicts we see around the world and at home give rise to conditions in which modern day enslavement thrives. Tolerance involves embracing our differences and fighting these Unfreedoms.

At the same time, tolerance is important when discussing and educating others about modern day enslavement. Everyone's not at the same place when it comes to understanding this issue. Moreover, it is important to remember that many traffickers were once trafficking victims themselves.  

For more information on how to do this, take a look at these Five Ways to Counter Intolerance. You can also share this video on social media. For more information about UNESCO, the UN agency sponsoring International Day for Tolerance, click here.

Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Domestic Servitude, Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Child Labor