March 6th is Ash Wednesday 2019.

Ash Wednesday is the traditional start of the Lenten season in many Western Christian denominations. Depending on the branch of Christianity, it is observed with fasting, a ritual with ashes, and religious services. Many also give up something for Lent, such as meat, or engage in some kind of public or social service.

If you observe Lent, this is a good time to start educating yourself and others about modern day enslavement, as well as do your part to eliminate it. Click the button above to visit End Slavery Now's website. You will find resources to learn more about the issue, weekly actions you can take to fight it, and a directory of other organizations dedicated to ending human trafficking and modern day enslavement.

Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Domestic Servitude, Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Child Labor, Forced Marriage