Heading Back to School? End Slavery Now has you covered whether the classroom is virtual or in person.

As summer winds down and the school year starts up many kids and their families are preparing to join virtual classrooms, microschools, and socially distanced traditional classrooms. While exciting for some it is nerve-wracking for others. End Slavery Now is here to help you prepare for the upcoming school year with fair trade school supplies, uniforms, and masks!

Global Goods Partners has fair trade pencils, pencil cases, and notebooks while Eco Outfitters sells 100% organic school uniforms as well as ethically sourced lunchboxes and water bottles. The Ultimate Green Store can help you find ethically sourced backpacks, educational toys, tablet bags, and storage. End Slavery Now's Pinterest boards can also help you set up a learning space in your home with fair trade office supplies and toys and games.

If you are sending your kids back to a socially distanced classroom click here for more information about comfortable, fashionable, ethically sourced masks you can equip them with. Click the button above for a Fair Trade Winds blog post about Back to School Essentials, as well as being fair trade in the age of COVID-19. Looking for a fair trade way to show your kids' teachers you appreciate and support them? End Slavery Now has you covered!

Forms of Abolition:

Forms of Slavery:
Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Child Labor